micIf you are looking for some decent background music or sound effects for your brand new game, ad or a movie, you have found the right guy. I’m Andrew and I provide everything what concerns the use of speakers to make them push fine and frequent sounds through the air to every human ear. Ranging from HIFI of your home cinema to a small phone and tablet speakers or personal handsets… all of these setups can provide a pure pleasure while playing and listening to a moody ambient atmosphere, fill a game or a movie with emotions or hit you with a sudden astonishment. Even back in the ancient times of video games, Allan Alcorn knew well that Pong can’t be mute, so it is not up for discussion, if today you still need music for your game or not. You just do. So let’s go straight to some examples, because no words can describe… etc. etc.

There are many games and other products that contain my work (by which I mean music, sound effects or both) and you can find them without a hassle, so I present a brief list here. By clicking on a name you’ll see trailer/gameplay/presentation movie on youtube (if available). Links in brackets lead to corresponding games releases (free/lite/demo versions if possible):

If you are still here and would like to listen to more examples, let’s listen to a little pieces of SOUND DESIGN WORKS. No video, just sound so please close your eyes and turn your imagination on!

guitarSome music compositions:

And short music jingles:

Now, when we are done with the informational part of this page it comes to the first contact matter. If you feel like getting into more personal talk, discussion about music, prices, consult a game audio concerning topics, check my availability for your project or let me know about the fundamental truth of the Universe – feel free to use the quick contact box on the upper-left corner of this page.


ps: My name is Andrzej Dobrowolski (don’t even try to spell that) and I’m from Poland, if this is important to you anyhow. As you can see I compose music for people and companies from the all over the world. Because I develop tracks all by myself I can license them in any way you need for commercial purposes and I can assure you, my prices won’t let you feel like paying through the nose or damage your games development budget. I’m available and ready for any serious, freelance music job, or for a long-term cooperation.