Footsteps Sounds in Unity3D C# code example

This was my attempt to implement footsteps sounds in Unity 3D which I did use to test my sounds (it was used, inter alia, here /footsteps-in-unity3d/) some time ago. If you need some easy example, then it may help you. Or else. It is written in C# in Unity3D 4.x but it is still works with Unity 5.x. It uses Resources.Load which maybe isn’t the most efficient way of loading sounds to the memory but it is an easy one. It works with default First Person Controller. The script supports switching footsteps type based on splatmap detection and object collision.

To contains two scripts footstepsSound.cs and footstepsSoundClass.cs.  In order to work you need to creat it into your project and attach footstepsSound.cs script to First Person Controller. Continue reading “Footsteps Sounds in Unity3D C# code example”

Swish Pack 1

Package containing 256 oneshot sounds (wave/16-bit/44kHz/mono/stereo format) of various swishes, swooshes, flyby’s for wide range of usages in game audio, trailers productions and more. Most of them are recordings of physical objects but there also many designed in digital domain from the scratch (destined for sci-fi objects and events).

Link for Swish Pack 1 in Unity3D Asset Store.

sound tip of the day: layer two or more swish samples together to get fatter sound for weapon brandish.

Footsteps pack 2 SNOW

Footsteps pack 2 SNOW is complementary to the previous Footsteps pack 1 and contains a 4 sets of sounds made by walking on the snow in shoes and one folder of the sounds  of breaking and squeaking ice which can be blended nicely with those sets.

4 folders of snow footsteps doesn’t vary very much between each other but if you are going to put it under the foot of a few of game characters it will keep they sound natural (there is no identical two sounds in the whole set).

Besides of that there are ogg compressed sounds for Unity which save asset size in your project. It is up to you if you prefer 16 bit and 44 kHz wav files or ogg ones.
Short demo of the sounds is below: