Website Dimmer – Chrome/Opera extension

Website Dimmer Screenshot
Screenshot: Youtube affected by Website Dimmer


This is very tiny Chrome/Opera extension I’ve made for myself. Its kind of night mode extension which purpose is to make webpage area more accessible in dark environment e.g. at night by turning bright backgrounds down. It attempts to dim background of every single website element and change color of a text and other elements into more readable one. There are couple of customization options but not too many to preserve simplicity (this may change in the future, who knows…). The goal is to make it work with any website not just a couple of predefined ones. Having said that I’m aware of the fact that it doesn’t work perfectly with every single existing website but for those I usually visit – works quite well :).

If you like to check it you can get it from the Chrome Webstore or Opera add-ons websites.

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Footsteps pack 3

Yet another collection of footsteps sounds is available in Unity3D Asset Store from now. Footsteps pack 3 is kind of different approach offering wide spectrum of sounds ranging from natural sounds of humans walking in shoes, animals to monsters, robots and cartoon or arcade games characters.

Every type of sound comes in up to two similar but distinguishable variations (let’s say for the left and the right foot) which should be used one by one and additional modulation should be applied by the engine (pitch/lfo, volume, reverbs) for the flavor.

Footsteps pack 3 gives you flexibility when prototyping a game. It is also fine to use in “less than AAA titles” like arcade type of games, 8-bit/oldschool stylized, fantasy, sci-fi, shooter, you name it, games.

Previous packs are here:

Footsteps Sounds in Unity3D C# code example

This was my attempt to implement footsteps sounds in Unity 3D which I did use to test my sounds (it was used, inter alia, here /footsteps-in-unity3d/) some time ago. If you need some easy example, then it may help you. Or else. It is written in C# in Unity3D 4.x but it is still works with Unity 5.x. It uses Resources.Load which maybe isn’t the most efficient way of loading sounds to the memory but it is an easy one. It works with default First Person Controller. The script supports switching footsteps type based on splatmap detection and object collision.

To contains two scripts footstepsSound.cs and footstepsSoundClass.cs.  In order to work you need to creat it into your project and attach footstepsSound.cs script to First Person Controller. Continue reading “Footsteps Sounds in Unity3D C# code example”