Comar Barbarian game soundtrack

I dug out an old soundtrack from “Comar Barbarian” game (aka “Gnat The Barbarian”) from year 2001. The game was far from being perfect and that’s probably the reason why it’s almost forgotten today. But it had funny visuals and character names like ‘Comar’ itsef. So there is the music that played in the background:

This OST also contains a track that wasn’t included in the game (as far I remember) and additional 3 tracks that I started to compose for the sequel. Which sadly didn’t make it and was never released.

I also uploaded couple of intros and endings with polish voice-over.

This OST was composed on Commodore Amiga computer using DigiBooster Pro multichannel music tracker which was more or less equivalent to FastTracker II. Isn’t this retro now?

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