If you are looking for good MUSIC or SOUND EFFECTS for GAME, COMMERCIAL or a MOVIE, you have found the right guy.

I’m Andrew and I provide everything what concerns the use of speakers to make them push fine and frequent sounds through the air to every human ear. Ranging from HIFI of your home cinema to a small phone and tablet speakers or personal handsets… all of these setups can provide a pure pleasure while playing and listening to a moody ambient atmosphere, fill a game or a movie with emotions or hit you with a sudden astonishment. Especially when conjunction with engines like Unreal Engine, Unity 3D and specialized middlewares like FMOD or WWISE the world of dynamic and living places is wide open and easy to maintain.

Even back in the ancient times of video games, Allan Alcorn knew well that Pong can’t be mute, so it is not up for discussion, if today you still need music for your game or not. You just do. And it can allow the game to shine.


If you feel like getting into more personal talk, discussion about music, prices, consult a game audio implementation topics, check my availability for your project or let me know about the fundamental truth of the Universe – feel free to make use of the contact page.