Browser extension: Louder

I publish another little browser utility: Louder. It is useful in cases when volume level of video is very low. Instead of maxing up global system volume to hear anything clicking on Louder icon pumps it up.

Louder implements gain and a little bit of compression of dynamics (loudness) to reduce distortion. It works with Youtube and some of other websites.


It is available as:

Calm Sea Waves package for Unity3D

If you want to create realistic scene in your level then package full of oneshot wave samples is there to to their job. Calm Sea Waves is 200+ individual sounds to randomize and scatter over the shore, just like there



Forest Birds sounds package

Spring has come for Unity3D game developers. Package full of individual phrases of various  bird calls is available here. Unlike looped audio this package of oneshot sound samples you can achieve desired density of birds in your virtual forest. Get what you want and wherever you like with a little bit of C# scripting. If you like it dense, then you might to watch and listen to this short stroll there…

Now also available for Unreal Engine developers:

If you wish to experience WebGL online demo yourself go to this location below. It loads about 50 MB of data: