Protracker Modules GPack

If you were into Protracker/demoscene music in mid nineties of past century and would like to visit this golden era of low quality, shortly looped, 8-bit samples then this may be something for you. Over 10000 Protracker compatible tunes collected into a significantly sized package. I mean it is something around 1.8 GB of uncompressed data. The oldest tracks slowly reach age of 30 years old, but there are a recent ones too. You can get it there and listen through couple of weeks straight:


It’s free but copyrights are due to the respective authors.

Footsteps pack 2

Footsteps Pack 2New Footsteps pack 2 is available in Unity3D Asset Store. It contains over 2200 unique oneshot sounds of walking on surfaces like: grass, dry leafs, dirt road, forest cover, hay, mud, puddle, stones, bricks rubbish, glass grit, dirty cardboard, rusty wire fence, thickets, snow, ice.

More detailed description can be found on asset page in store.

Dusting off an older track

I dusted off my older track made in ‘Amiga times’ on niche DigiBoosterPro music tracker proogram. Kind of chiptune/electronic music made in 2001.

Original DBM file was rendered in OpenMPT tracker which did the job very well disposing instruments into separate tracks to correct their sound in Cubase DAW. It was also an opportunity to test Polyverse WIDER vst plugin which seem to do it’s job fine on one of the tracks.