UDK, KISMET and Interactive Music

Attempt to make simple music system with horizontal and vertical interactive arrangement which follows user progress and going back to areas passed before. It respects tempo and given number of bars of the music. But it is also limited and not very effective for more complex music tracks and presents some flaws in UDK audio engine which suggest to use middlewares like FMOD or WWise to achieve good results much quicker. Any later changes to the music makes implementing it in UDK quite a pain.

Listen how it works here.


and have a quick glance on some Kismet Wires:




ps: video was recorded with some free software I had around and it causes significant framedrop. It did not record any sound so I had to do separately (by connecting headphone output to input by cable :>) and put it together later. Forgive me such a quality.

Unity3D – FFT & randomness

A little experiment with Unity components and random triggers. With every run it gives the same bus slightly changed effect. The random are camera movement and it’s initial placement, boxes colours. Boxes appearrance is triggered by audio.GetSpectrumData which brings within even more uncertainty. The rest is Unity physics.

It needs UnityWebPlayer Plugin for your browser. Beware that boxes are not destroyed so after a while it becomes CPU heavy. Reload or close it then. In fullscreen mode it also behaves slightly different 🙂

[unity src=”239″]

If you don’t want to install UnityWebPlayer, there is “dead” version of what’s happen above: