My Protracker modules playlist on Soundcloud

I have no particular reasons to update this homepage because there are other places over the Internet that I find more appropriate to post anything but since I refreshed off a little my equally useless Soundcloud account by uploading a couple of mixdowns of my more or less recent Protracker modules so why not post it also here?

So there is a playlist with most of them.

Mod files can be found on websites like AMP (Amiga Music Preservation site) etc. or under the link below:

Protracker Modules GPack

If you were into Protracker/demoscene music in mid nineties of past century and would like to visit this golden era of low quality, shortly looped, 8-bit samples then this may be something for you. Over 10000 Protracker compatible tunes collected into a significantly sized package. I mean it is something around 1.8 GB of uncompressed data. The oldest tracks slowly reach age of 30 years old, but there are a recent ones too. You can get it there and listen through couple of weeks straight:


It’s free but copyrights are due to the respective authors.