Swish Pack 1

Package containing 256 oneshot sounds (wave/16-bit/44kHz/mono/stereo format) of various swishes, swooshes, flyby’s for wide range of usages in game audio, trailers productions and more. Most of them are recordings of physical objects but there also many designed in digital domain from the scratch (destined for sci-fi objects and events).

Link for Swish Pack 1 in Unity3D Asset Store.

sound tip of the day: layer two or more swish samples together to get fatter sound for weapon brandish.

Footsteps pack 1

Online demo of Footsteps Pack 1 for Unity Asset Store

Contols: WASD keys + Mouse to move and look around. Shift to run, space to jump.

Mozilla Firefox browser is required. To open fullscreen use the icon at the bottom.

[unity src=”749″]

Shooting Sci-Fi Weapons Pack 3

Another set of sci-fi military sounds, mostly shooting and impacts, compiled for Unity Asset Store. Shooting Sci-Fi Weapons Pack 3 is bigger than previous packs, is not compressed and extensively uses stereo speakers [where available].

Youtube demo of all sounds collected in compilation:

Shooting Sci-Fi Weapons Pack 3 in Unity Asset Store