☼ What do I Offer

  • creation of sound effects – working with custom recorded sounds and sound libraries to achieve high fidelity of audio with unique signature. Sounds of NPCs, humans, robots, sci-fi mechs, animals, fantasy monsters, vehicles, building surrounding atmosphere with weather noises, industrial, urban sounds, surface reverberations, objects collisions, explosions, shootings etc.
  • composition of music soundtracks of different genres and moods, single tracks, jingles, loops for games backgrounds, cut-scene movies and other purposes
  • audio level design – setting up audio and reverb zones, triggers, locate sound emitters for authentic and immersive audio environment
  • implementing audio directly in game engines like Unreal Engine, Unity 3D or with use of audio middlewares like Wwise or FMod etc.
  • mixing and mastering to achieve balanced yet complete and rich audio on all output devices ranging from small speakers, mobile phones, laptops, headphones to high fidelity audio systems
  • programming skills in languages like JavaScript, C/C++, C#
  • flexible and fair pricing, free from collective rights management issues, negotiable